playful colours & happy motives

Melton is consistently inspired by the creative, curious minds of all the children around the world. 
With a base in Nordic design aesthetics we wish to make high quality accessories with a playful appeal.
We create products with great comfort for children in well considered design. 

The Melton range includes accessories for babies and kids at all ages. For cuddling, for crawling, for running and for dancing. 

All the best, MELTON 


discover MELTON

Spring Summer 

limited styles, full of colors and playful patterns, for the creative, little minds


"Let's Go" 

our special line of products with ABS coating. Perfect for first crawls and walks


Summer shoes and accessories 

high quality slippers and other accessories, to provide comfort in every moment of your little one's day



This season imagination is swirling us from our own 
backyard deep into the jungle where the exotic flora 
embraces us and we are greeted welcome by the magnificent wildlife;
We spend our summer days here; Exploring, wandering about - feeling free and intrigued by the surroundings. 
We wish to pay a tribute to the spirit of summer with bright 
and playful colors & happy motives.





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