MELTON's Let's Go range - Safe play and movement for children of all ages!

For MELTON, children's comfort and safety are very important. With our Let's Go range, we have created a collection of anti-slip socks, tights and knee pads designed to give children the best support and protection during their adventures and play.

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Anti-slip socks

Let your little ones explore the world without worry with MELTON's anti-slip socks. Made from soft and breathable cotton or a blend of merino wool and bamboo viscose, these socks have non-slip soles that provide a solid grip on smooth floors and surfaces. This prevents the little ones from slipping and gives them the confidence to move freely and safely, even if they are playing on the wooden floor.

Tights with extra protection

MELTON's Let's Go range also includes tights with extra protection for the little adventurers. These tights are made of soft and stretchy material that gives full freedom of movement and at the same time protects knees during play and crawling. This means that they can play without restrictions and without wearing out their clothes.

Knee pads for extra safety

Knee pads made of cotton or a mix of merino wool and bamboo viscose. For kids who love to crawl around but don't want to wear a whole pair of tights. These easy kneepads make it easier to take them on and off quickly. They are comfortable to wear and ensure that children can explore their surroundings with minimal risk of injury.


MELTON's Let's Go range is a combination of style and functionality. With their beautiful designs and durable materials, these products are perfect for children of all ages. Whether it's indoor play or outdoor adventure, you can be sure your kids are in good hands with MELTON's non-slip socks, tights and knee pads. So let's say yes to fun and worry-free movement with MELTON's Let's Go range!

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