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All yarns used for production in our own factory in Latvia are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. That means no carcinogenic dyes and no nickel in the metallic yarns used for our glitter details etc.

We take great pride in producing high quality and safe for all to wear.


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Green initiatives

Our main factory is located in Latvia and is 100% owned by mpDenmark. We work continuously to optimize the sustainability of our production, as well as to improve our products through green initiatives.

Today the factory is run primarily by solar energy panels installed in 2021, and through other targeted initiatives, we are repurposing excess heat from production to heat up the facilities. Thus, we use no fossil fuels for heating and we have reduced our carbon footprint with more than 100 tons per year compared to 2016.

Our goal is to have a CO2-neutral production facility in 2030.

In 2022 we expect to be BSCI certified too.


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Our glitter socks and tights are known for their unique softness and the fact that they do not scratch the skin. This is due to the quality of metallic yarns that we use. Our glitter yarns are specially selected from a supplier who specializes in this type of yarn.

In this way, we can combine comfort and quality with style and festive designs.

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