Merino wool

Merino wool

Merino wool is a natural wool product that comes from merino sheep. Merino wool is temperature-regulating, warms even when wet and does not absorb the smell of sweat. Even if the socks get wet, the feet won't get cold.

Merino wool is also much softer and thinner than regular wool, which offers good opportunities for producing thinner socks.

Finally, the merino wool that mpDenmark uses has been given a so-called Superwash treatment, which makes it possible to wash the socks at 30° in a washing machine.

Mulesing free

Mulesing is a controversial practice in which folds of skin around the tail area of merino sheep are removed without anesthesia. It is primarily done to prevent fly infestations, where certain flies lay their eggs in the skin folds, leading to infections and other health problems. However, the practice of mulesing has raised animal welfare concerns due to the pain and stress it causes the sheep.

Mulesing-free farms prioritize animal welfare by using alternative methods to prevent fly infestations. Thus, mulesing-free socks, like regular wool, offer softness, moisture-transporting properties and temperature regulation.

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