MELTON relaunch

Welcome to a new MELTON!

From AW23 you will meet a MELTON with a new visual identity. You can be sure that the content will remain the same proven and high quality that we are known for, with beautiful, fun and inspiring designs for the little ones.

As part of this relaunch, we've given all MELTON's packaging a fresh makeover. Each packaging component has been carefully rethought and redesigned to fit more closely with MELTON's core values, DNA and identity that we are so proud of.

New logo

We are excited to introduce our brand new look, where our iconic name tag from the old logo is redesigned in a fresh and vibrant way. Our new logo combines the charm of our past with a new modern twist.

At our brand, we believe in embracing our roots while embracing the future. Our previous logo holds a special place in our hearts as it represents the joy and smiles it has brought to children over the years. It has become a symbol of trust and happiness for our customers.

With our logo relaunch, we want to capture the spirit of adventure and fun that defines childhood. Our revamped logo retains its original charm while featuring a more modern and appropriate design.

The graphic design process

MELTON embodies the lively world of children, filled with playfulness and boundless curiosity. We believe that every detail, including our packaging, should reflect this spirit. Everything has been analyzed to uncover the core essence and capture the perfect visual expression.

When choosing the color palette for our packaging, we chose a versatile beige that complements all MELTON products. While our universe is known for its playful and colorful nature, we deliberately took a more subdued and soft approach with our packaging. This allows our socks and tights to take center stage, free of distractions.

Our new packaging is adorned with charming illustrations that serve as a wonderful invitation to a world of fun and imagination. These illustrations are carefully designed to engage children at their level, spark their creativity and encourage lively conversations.

The font we have chosen for MELTON is called FLOOD.

FLOOD is a personification of the child's handwriting strokes. It perfectly complements our brand's playful nature and illustrations. The font has large letters, making it easy to read for younger children who may be learning to read.

MELTON's new packaging shows soft and organic shapes and colors. With our logo prominently displayed on the front, it reinforces the identity and ensures easy recognition on store shelves.

Choice of material

The relaunch of MELTON has not only involved visual changes, but also a significant focus on materials. As part of the mpDenmark brand house, it was important for us to adapt to the values of both mpDenmark and MELTON.

We have therefore carefully examined every single material used in our products.


Say goodbye to plastic! We have replaced the plastic packaging for our MELTON slippers with a cool cardboard box and a cardboard hook. We want to reduce our plastic consumption, which is why the box has an open window, so you can look inside and see the slippers in all their glory.


For our tights, we used to have extensive packaging that used many materials and had a glossy surface. Instead, we now offer a thick cardboard hanger and a banner, reducing material consumption and eliminating the need for plastic in the packaging.


Our socks have also undergone a packaging makeover. We have ditched the plastic hooks and introduced a cardboard top hanger. The hook is now an integral part of the top card, which makes it easier to dispose of the packaging as cardboard.


For accessories like summer and winter hats, we have replaced the plastic hooks with cardboard alternatives. In addition, on the products where possible, we have removed the small plastic string that previously held the hook and hangtag in place. The hangtags themselves have also been reduced in size and weight to minimize material consumption.

Across all components, we have prioritized the switch from plastic to FSC-labeled paper and cardboard. In addition, we have removed polybags from almost all goods - exceptions here are extra delicate goods, such as styles in very light colours, which are very exposed to dirt and grime.

Throughout the process, our focus has been on creating packaging that reflects the world of children, reduces waste and minimizes plastic consumption. In our opinion, we have succeeded very well.


All MELTON's packaging is proudly FSC certified.

FSC stands for "Forest Stewardship Council", a global certification dedicated to ensuring that wood and paper used in products come from well-managed forests and responsible sources. As the only certification and labeling program of its kind, FSC is supported by respected NGOs such as WWF. If you want to delve deeper into FSC, you can find more information on their own website here. 

MELTON is happy, fun and playful, which is illustrated through color choices, shapes and illustrations from the child's mind. At the same time, we also worry about the future and have made some very conscious material choices to, among other things, make us freer from plastic packaging and help for easier sorting in private homes.

We are super grateful to have you join us on this adventure of presenting our new logo and amazing packaging. We can't wait to see the smiles on your faces as you experience the magic of our brand!