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New arrivals from mpDenmark

Our latest news in children's socks brings both comfort and style to little feet. You'll find a lot of new styles, as our selection encompasses products from both of the brands: mpKids and MELTON.
Styles from mpKids comes in subtle and neutral colors, without wild motifs and patterns, making them perfect to match any outfit. On the other hand we present styles from MELTON, which have colorful designs, motifs, and patterns, wich evoke thoughts of play and creativity.
Choose your own, and your child's favorites from one of these brands, or give your child the best of both worlds! We guarantee that it will bring new life to the children's wardrobe at home. 
An exciting wardrobe does not only makes it more fun for the children to get dressed, but also makes it easier to choose clothes before heading out the door in the mornings. 
Furthermore, it is essential that the clothing is comfortable, which is why all of our styles are designed with children in mind. Our socks and accessories are designed to last, and are made of high quality, meaning they can withstand play, washing, and repeated use without losing the shape or color. With a variety of colors, patterns, and designs, you can easily find the perfect styles that match your child's needs, and keep their feet happy throughout the day.