dedicated to more sustainable production and ethical business practices

Green initiatives

For mpDenmark, the environment, climate and sustainability are important - it is an incorporated part of our core values and a natural part of our strategy.

We continuously work to optimize the sustainability of our production and to improve our products through green measures.

Sustainability is a topic that we in the house work with on a daily basis. We know that we can always improve, and we develop continuously.

100% owned factory in Latvia

Own value chain with own factory in Latvia

In 2009, mpDenmark built its very own factory in Latvia close to the capital Riga. The factory is 100% owned by mpDenmark, and this is where the production of the vast majority of the products takes place. At the factory, there are approx. 80 colleagues and in addition 152 specially developed knitting machines, which contribute to production every day.

In Latvia, a wide range of quality socks and tights are produced all year round. Each pair of socks or tights passes through 16 pairs of hands before they are ready to be distributed to retailers.

Continuous efforts to reduce the environmental footprint

In 2017, mpDenmark invested more than 2 million EUR in modernizing and expanding the factory and now has a top class production facility. In 2021, solar panels were installed to produce electricity and reduce CO2 emissions. mpDenmark continues to optimize production with new initiatives towards more sustainable production.

carbon footprint reduced by more than 100 tonnes per year

mpDenmark strives to create a sustainable profile throughout the entire value chain. Through targeted measures, it has been possible to reduce the CO2 footprint by more than 100 tonnes per year compared to 2016.


No fossil fuel used for heating up the factory in Latvia


Aiming for CO2-neutral production by 2030


Solar energy source incorporation starting May 2021

mpDenmark works continuously to optimize and improve the products through green initiatives.
At the factory in Latvia, all European standards, which contribute to minimizing the CO2 footprint in production, are followed.

Hear Morten Bundgaard, former director, current co-owner and board member of mpDenmark, talk about the green initiatives at the factory in Latvia.

The goal is to have a CO2-neutral production facility by 2030.

In 2023 it is also expected that mpDenmark will be BSCI certified.