curiosity, bravery and spontaneity

The Sneaky Fox woman empowers her look with daring colours and unconventional styling. Her openly sensual attitude celebrates a magnetic ultra-femininity and emphasizes her courage in every step she takes.

Every day, her free-spirited personality rips the code of conduct presenting the new rules and she encourages others to experiment with colours, patterns, and bold statements. With her eye for detail and brave fashion approach, she is dressed as a modern warrior on the international fashion scene.

Don't fit in - Stand out!


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Spring summer 2022

Founded in 1986, Sneaky Fox empowers independent and frank women, who know exactly what they want. 

With an openly sexy attitude the Sneaky Fox women walk into the streets and encourage others to experiment with colours and patterns.
We create ultra-feminine products in high quality without compromising neither on design nor comfort. 

Don't fit in - STAND OUT!

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