Re-Stock socks

Re-Stock socks - Socks made of surplus yarn

This concept from mpDenmark aims to reduce waste and environmental impact by using surplus yarn from our production at the factory in Latvia to create socks.  our own factory in Latvia. The yarn is leftover, however, the quality stays up to our well-known standard. We always strive to match the amount of yarn to the production, but yarn leftovers are unavoidable.

The idea behind the concept is simple: instead of letting excess yarn go to waste or end up in landfill, we make sure it gets a purpose.

The production process is thorough. The excess yarn is collected and transformed into unique socks. Our designers work together to utilize the different colors in the surplus yarn to create attractive designs and color combinations.

One of the primary benefits of our "Re-Stock socks" is that it reduces the need to produce new yarn, saving significant amounts of energy and resources. At the same time, the amount of waste that would normally be generated in the process is reduced.

Initiatives like mpDenmark's "Re-Stock socks" are more than just a trend, they symbolize a growing awareness of our consumption patterns and a willingness to support good practices.