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Exclusive knit for kids
Since 1937, mpDenmark has had an uncompromising focus on good craftsmanship and high quality, and an important focal point in the sustainable way of thinking at mpDenmark is precisely to produce a long lasting quality - both in terms of durability and design.
This is also the idea behind mpKnitwear – mpDenmark's knitwear collection for children.

It's all in the detail
The mpKnitwear collection is designed AND produced in Denmark, and the inspiration is drawn from the many beautiful colors and structures that you find in Danish forests. - Elements that stand out clearly in the knitted structures and patterns.

Only organic cotton and Merino wool are used for this collection and 100% nickel-free metallic yarns for any glitter details. All details are carefully thought out, and you can clearly feel that when you touch and feel an mpKnitwear product.

Classic & timeless
It is a classic, timeless collection that, both in terms of quality and design, can be passed down to several children. We believe that true sustainability lies in creating a long lasting quality that can last for many exciting adventures in the children's world. 

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