"Denier" is a term used to describe the thickness of nylon pantyhose and socks. It is an important technical term that indicates the density and strength of the material.

Denier is measured in grams per 9,000 meters of thread. The lower the number of deniers, the thinner and more transparent the nylon pantyhose will be, because a thinner thread has been used. On the other hand, a higher number of deniers will result in thicker and more durable nylon pantyhose. When a pair of nylon pantyhose is 60 denier, it means that 9,000 meters of the thread, used to make the pantyhose, weigh 60 grams.

Pantyhose with 10-20 deniers are very thin and delicate, which makes them suitable for more formal or glamorous occasions where a delicate appearance is desired. These pantyhose tend to give the legs a more smooth and shiny finish.

On the other hand, nylon pantyhose with 40-50 deniers and more will be more robust and less transparent. These pantyhose are suitable for everyday use and can withstand more wear and tear.

The choice of deniers depends on personal preference, the occasion and the level of comfort. Some prefer the light and fluid feel of thin nylon pantyhose, while others prefer the added durability and coverage that thicker tights and higher deniers can provide.

It is important to remember that deniers are not the only factor that affects the quality of nylon pantyhose. Other factors such as yarn quality, weaving technique and fit also play a role in creating comfortable and durable pantyhose.