curiosity, bravery and spontaneity

The Sneaky Fox woman empowers her look with daring colours and unconventional styling.
Her openly sexy attitude celebrates a magnetic ultra-femininity and emphasizes her courage in every step she takes.

Every day, her free-spirited personality rips the code of conduct presenting the new rules.
She encourages others to experiment with colours, patterns, and bold statements.

With her eye for detail and brave fashion approach, she is dressed as a modern warrior fighting for a better world.


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In the city she is an activist searching for 
an alternative lifestyle. With her creative spirit, she embraces her surroundings with curiosity and positivity. She breathes life and new creativity into the classics and upcycles them with spontaneity. 
She can be youthful and looking fresh in cropped silhouettes as well as a powerful woman in outfits with a strong and unique impact. When going out she mixes whatever she feels like wearing in the moment. Her wardrobe is a mix of sexy items and streetwear livened up by laces, prints and colours.

She likes showing off in daring colours!


Don't fit in - STAND OUT!

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