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Inspired by women who are not afraid to chase their dreams. We make socks and tights women who are focused on taking care of them self and appreciate the basic of good quality.  

Colors inspired by the beautiful surroundings.

We stand together.


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best selling styles with glitter yarns, giving that extra chic



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We live in a world where people are loosing their reference points. We need to find time to slow down! So we are inviting guests to mingle and share experiences at long dining tables. 

Our new collection is inspired by women who are not afraid to chase their dreams. We want to meet women focused on self-care and self-development. This season we are rethinking fashion intensely and showing the new femininity by celebrating the body, to reveal assertive femininity. 

With this collection, mp Woman delves into the richness of classics, to appreciate their strictness. Lured into an idyllic place with softening codes.


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