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Inspired by women who are not afraid to chase their dreams. We make socks and tights women who are focused on taking care of them self and appreciate the basic of good quality.  

Colors inspired by the beautiful surroundings.

We stand together.


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best selling styles with glitter yarns, giving that extra chic



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soft, bamboo fabric in great color, with temperature control



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stylish hats for colder days




Get ready for a season that will inspire you to appreciate the little thing infusing you with energy.

The positive force of colour is something we feel more than we understand. Shimmers and serene tones break through the winter darkness, encouraging our path forward with optimism. 

The power of colour transcends our stories, speaks to our instinct and allows us to reconnect with each other to design a happier world. 

Surround yourself with the things that make you feel good, colours that make your eyes sparkle and music that 
bring back happy memories.

Around the world, the desire for a free and simple lifestyle brings casual to the centre of women's wardrobes. 

Spice up your casual outfit with eyepopping accessories or choose our beautiful basics in cheerful colours to set the tone. 

It is up to you who you want to be!


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