Bamboo viscose

Bamboo viscose

Bamboo viscose is a material that has become very popular - and for good reason.

It is a type of textile fiber that is extracted from the bamboo plant and transformed into a soft and comfortable viscose fiber. Bamboo viscose socks have several advantages and characteristics that make them attractive to many people.

One of the advantages of bamboo viscose socks is their natural breathability. The bamboo fibers have a unique structure that allows air circulation and ventilation. This allows the feet to breathe and reduces the risk of moisture and odor. Bamboo viscose also absorbs moisture more effectively than cotton, making the socks more comfortable to wear in hot weather or during physical activity.

Another advantage of bamboo viscose socks is their softness and smoothness. The fibers in bamboo viscose are very fine and smooth, which gives a pleasant feeling on the skin. The socks feel soft and silky and can give a feeling of luxury.

Bamboo viscose is also known for its natural antibacterial property. Bamboo contains a natural substance called "bamboo kun" that helps fight bacteria and reduce odor. This makes bamboo viscose socks suitable for people with sensitive skin or those who tend to have odor problems.

Overall, bamboo viscose socks are a popular choice due to their natural breathability, softness and antibacterial properties.

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