playful colours & happy motives

MELTON is consistently inspired by the creative, curious minds of all the kids around the world and based on Nordic design and aesthetics we want to create high quality accessories with a playful attitude and high comfort in a well thought out design. 

The MELTON range includes accessories for babies and kids at all ages for cuddling, for crawling, for running and for dancing...

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Limited styles, full of colors and playful patterns, for the creative, little minds

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Our special line of products with ABS coating. Perfect for first crawls and walks.

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High quality slippers and other accessories, to provide comfort in every moment of your little one's day

Autumn Winter 2022

MELTON AW22 is about play and curiosity and has a mix of romantic, fun, colorful and classic styles. Among the new styles for autumn and winter, comfortable and beautiful slippers as well as warm accessories for the cold can be mentioned.

The collection's latest styles are particularly characterized by exciting motifs of animals and objects. Maybe you notice that some of them appear on more than one style?


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