embracing the Scandinavian heritage

At mp Denmark we are proud of our 
Scandinavian design heritage and our long history of craftsmanship starting back in 1937. We create high quality products without compromising neither on design nor comfort. Our greatest job is to make sure that children are comfortable and able to play and move freely wearing our products. 

We use the softest organic or OEKO-TEX® certified materials such as cotton, bamboo and wool ensuring comfort, 
durability and care for our common future.

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Often, we simply need clarity to reconnect with what makes 
us truly happy.

Imagine looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses. In a home filled with familiar and nostalgic treasures we gaze out on the last of the summer flowers as the leaves slowly begin to change. Days filled with golden sunlight as the late afternoon sun would peak through the lace curtains casting floral shadows on the wooden floor. We find refuge here; A place to breathe and find tranquility.

We search for authenticity, the traditional and the timeless. In an overstimulated world we find goodness in essential forms and clutter free design. Simple and sophisticated to its core. 

Clean lines, luxe metallics and tonal, monochromatic hues help us to achieve a satisfying harmony. A reassuring, soft and chic range of subtle universal neutrals and colorful delicate tones that are definite but not overpowering. It nurtures and calms our insecurities while firmly charting a path forward.


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